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How To Improve Laptop Or PC Performance

How To Improve Laptop Or PC Performance

improve laptop performance

Laptop slow performance is a common problem. When we using laptop in long time about 3 month after windows setup, you realize that your laptop performance is going to be slow. Gradually performance problem is create a big problem and your laptop is really so slow. There are many reason to slow PC or Laptop performance. Again you don't take internal care in laptop then it may be slow. So today I give some tips for improve laptop performance.

  • Keep Sufficient Space in C: Drive: First I say that clean your desktop and clean your windows drive (C). Because when C drive is full or not enough memory or space then laptop is automatically slow. When we download any file or document by torrent or IDM then by default these save to C drive. And for result C drive is quickly full. So you must be change your download location any other drive and must be create C drive partition up to 25GB for XP, 40GB for windows 7 and 50GB for windows 8. 

  • Hardisk De-fragment: Secondly you must be defragment your laptop hardisk. It is truly that when you using your laptop for heavy work, copy or delete any file, download any file then all file save in hardisk. So these reason hardisk take a heavy presser and create fragment and gape. That reason hardisk can't give full performance. So every 1 month must be should defragmentation whole hardisk. 

  • Uninstall unnecessary program: When you use PC or laptop in many days without Windows setup then many software are install in PC. That result C: drive become full and PC performance is slow.
  • Delete cookies and temporary Internet files: When you use any browser in long time then many cookies and temporary Internet files keep in computer memory which results is slow computer performance. You can go to Internet options under tools on your browser and delete cookies. You can also use my computer section of your computer and right click your C drive and perform disk clean up to remove unwanted files. This is quick way to boost your laptop / PC performance.
  • Close the sidebar Gadget: PC gadget slow the PC performance. So as much as possible avoid the Gadget.
  • Close the Background Application: When PC is start then many program automatically start in task bar. For this reason PC performance is down. So you must be close these application to improve your PC performance.
  • Install The Latest Motherboard Drivers: Motherboard drives install is very necessary for a PC or Laptop. Drivers such as Audio drive, Graphics drive, Cheapser driver, Lan drive etc. When you install these drive then PC work firstly. So drivers install is a important cause for improve PC performance. 
  • Low brightness for Laptop: When you use Laptop in high brightness then your laptop become is so heat and laptop performance is slow. So when you use laptop, must be use low brightness.  

  • Antivirus: Antivirus is one of the main cause for slow PC performance. Many people use crack antivirus that are main cause slow performance. So you must should use premium antivirus or 1 or 6 month trial version and always should be update. Some antivirus that can't slow PC performance. Such as Norton, Eset, Avira, Escan. 

N.B: If you see that all is OK but PC performance is not increase then Windows setup must be necessary.

How To Improve Laptop Or PC Performance

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